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GenGold® Advantage

Get more personal with your Kearny Bank personal checking accounts and discover all the added perks you deserve. This enhanced lifestyle rewards program provides you with benefits and services designed to save you time and money. Travel, Online Shopping, Health Care Savings, Fraud Security and more, the GenGold® Advantage makes personal banking more personally rewarding. Click here to see all of the benefits you deserve!


ATM Cards

Use your ATM card at any of our convenient locations or at any Accel machine operated by other institutions. This card allows you to have access to your accounts after hours. At Kearny Bank ATMs you can obtain inquiries, make deposits or withdrawals, and transfer money to your linked accounts.

Debit Mastercard®

  • Use your Kearny Bank Debit Mastercard to make everyday purchases wherever you see the Mastercard logo - millions of locations.
  • Purchase payments are deducted directly from your Kearny Bank account. It's like paying by check without the hassle.
  • Use it at any ATM to get cash, check balances or make transfers.
  • SecureAlerts: establish alerts for instant access to purchase activity. Alerts can be set via our mobile app or online banking.
  • Mobile Wallet: add your Kearny Bank Debit Mastercard to your mobile wallet for faster purchases in-stores, online and in-app use.
  • Customized Usage Control: reduce debit card fraud, set spending limits, monitor and manage your card through our mobile app.

Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit Mastercard

If your Kearny Bank ATM or Debit Mastercard is lost or stolen, call us immediately. During business hours call 1-800-273-3406. After business hours, call our After Hours Hotline at 800-472-3272.


You are now in control of your debit card with CardValet. Turn your debit card on or off from the CardValet mobile app and have peace of mind that your account is protected. See details about your account, set alert preferences, allow and limit transactions based on your geographical location, limit card usage based on merchant type and establish spending limits. CardValet puts you in control. See all of the benefits of CardValet here.

CardValet is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.

Important Information For Our Customers

ATM skimming is happening more and more frequently. Skimming occurs when criminals attach electronic devices to the card slots of ATMs to capture card numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs). ATM cardholders should periodically change their PINs to deter fraudulent use of captured card numbers and PINs. At Kearny Bank, we strongly encourage our ATM cardholders to periodically change their PINs to protect against ATM fraud. You can easily change your PIN by calling 800-992-3808 at any time, day or night.

Overdraft Protection Options