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Eliminate the errors inherent in handling cash.

Eliminate the errors inherent in handling cash.

Kearny Bank's Smart$afe is more than a safe—it’s an efficient, secure and reliable cash management solution. Cash handling becomes fully automated from payment to deposit, taking your employees out of the equation.

Smart$afe eliminates counting, recounting, auditing, preparing deposits and trips to the bank by safely and conveniently transmitting daily deposit data. This frees up your employees to spend more time focusing on customers and other more productive tasks.

Smart$afe can be customized to fit your specific cash handling needs.

Kearny Bank offers a variety of deposit options that can improve returns on your cash and provide maximum flexibility and control.

We’ve partnered with BRINKS to provide you with the best options since managing cash can be one of the most demanding aspects of your business. Smart$afe from Kearny Bank is a cutting edge solution customized to meet your specific cash handling challenges.

Brinks CompuSafe Series 3
Recommended for low to moderate volumes. Features include:

  • Menu in 10 languages
  • Single note feed acceptor
  • Cellular or ethernet connectivity
  • Manual or envelope drops
  • Fully integrated printer
  • Easily clears bill jams without service call

Brinks CompuSafe Series 4
Recommended for higher volume needs. Benefits include:

  • 7-inch color screen
  • Menu in 12 languages
  • Two single note acceptors, 1200 notes each
  • Cellular or ethernet connectivity
  • Adapts to needs of each location with options that provide multiple storage and drop options

  Discover all of the advantages Smart$afe can bring to your business.


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