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Pupz Club Success Story

They had a dream, we helped make it come true.

They had a dream, we helped make it come true.

When my sister and I first came up with an idea of opening our dream dog daycare, we did not even consider obtaining a small business loan. We thought we would be able to do it all on our own. Unfortunately, one lesson we quickly learned is that when you start a business, every task will take twice as long and cost twice as much! We didn’t want to back out of the project as the lease negotiations were already underway. That’s when we realized we would have to apply for a business loan to cover the unexpected project costs. With no assets while trying to start a business, it seemed impossible to obtain a loan. That’s when we decided to contact Kearny Bank for a business loan. Their expert business lenders reviewed our business plan and discussed the best lending options for us. Together we discovered that an SBA loan was the best fit.

To our surprise, the loan process was easy and our business lender was very personable. Whenever either of us would call, personnel knew us by name and everyone involved knew where our loan was in the process. We never dealt with automated systems or random agents to whom we had to explain our story to over and over again. You don't receive this kind of service with larger banks.

Once we closed on our SBA loan, our business lender didn’t just disappear - they even showed up to our grand opening with flowers and good luck wishes! My sister and I were not expecting such treatment, having only banked with larger banks in the past. We felt special knowing that they were so proud of us.

We are forever thankful to the Kearny Bank team for believing in us and helping us make our dream come true! Without an SBA loan we would not have been able to finish the construction as quickly as we did - or even at all!

– Justyna and Ania K.


Visit our SBA Loans page for more information on small business loans. 



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