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Business Analyzed Checking

Simplify your business finances

Simplify your business finances

  • A Checking Account Designed for Businesses with Diverse Accounts and High Transaction Volumes

For businesses juggling multiple accounts or high transaction volumes, our comprehensive banking program streamlines activities while offering treasury management services. Simplify your finances today.

Kearny Bank’s Business Analyzed Checking offers increased convenience and cost-reducing features which include:

  • A multi-purpose account simplifies your business banking
  • Additional services such as ACH, Wires, Positive Pay and RDC can be included
  • Consolidated statements assist with record keeping
  • Qualifying balances earn credits to offset monthly fees for a variety of services
  • Increased time to concentrate on other business activities
  • Maximum flexibility to grow as your business needs expand
  • FREE Business Debit Card
  • Online banking with FREE Bill Pay
  • Mobile Banking/Mobile Deposit

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Offset or Minimize Monthly Fees with a 1% Earnings Credit

Every month, an Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) is applied to your account balance, calculated based on the balances in your eligible deposit accounts. The resulting Earnings Credit Allowance (ECA) can be utilized to offset standard account fees. It's important to note that the ECA is not provided as cash, and the earnings are not subject to taxation.


Aggregate Balances Across Accounts

Apply an earnings credit rate to your qualifying account balances across all eligible accounts.


Apply Earnings Credit

An earnings credit will be used to offset all, or some fees associated with treasury management and deposit products.


Offset Monthly Fees

Our competitive earnings rate can offset potential account fees, excluding overdraft fees, based on your balance.

Kearny Bank Business Debit Mastercard®

With the Kearny Bank Business Debit Mastercard, you easily make everyday purchases wherever you see the Mastercard logo. Payments are directly deducted from your Kearny Bank business checking account, and you can even use it at any ATM for cash withdrawals, balance checks, and transfers. Convenient, simple, and secure transactions with your trusted Kearny Bank partner. 

SecureAlerts: Establish alerts for instant access to purchase activity. Alerts can be set via our mobile app or online banking.

Digital Wallet: Add your Kearny Bank Debit Mastercard to your digital wallet for faster purchases in-store, online and in-app.

Customized Usage Control: Reduce debit card fraud, set spending limits, monitor and manage your card through our mobile app.

Lost or Stolen Business Debit Mastercard

If your Kearny Bank Business Debit Mastercard is lost or stolen, call us immediately, or control your card via your mobile banking app. During business hours, call 800-273-3406. After business hours, call our afterhours hotline at 800-472-3272.


Stay in control of your business debit card with CardValet. Turn your business debit card on or off from the CardValet mobile app and have peace of mind that your account is protected.

See details about your account, set alert preferences, allow and limit transactions based on your geographical location, limit card usage based on merchant type and establish spending limits.

Important Information for Our Clients

Be on the lookout for ATM skimming. Skimming occurs when criminals attach electronic devices to the card slots of ATMs to capture card numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs).

At Kearny Bank, we strongly encourage our ATM cardholders to periodically change their PINs to protect against fraudulent use of captured card numbers and PINs. You can easily change your PIN by calling 800-992-3808 at any time, day or night.

Overdraft Protection Options

Automatic Transfer

Anyone can make a mistake. With Kearny Bank’s automatic transfer program, you'll avoid the embarrassment of bounced checks and associated overdraft fees. Link a Kearny Bank savings account to your checking account and funds are automatically withdrawn from your savings account in the event you are overdrawn. There is no fee unless a transfer occurs.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary service we offer to cover your overdrafts. Based on account history and past performance, we may honor the payment of automated clearing house (ACH) debits and checks responsible for causing an overdrawn account balance.

Other considerations include:

  • Age of account
  • Other account balances
  • Regularity of deposits
  • Previous overdraft activity
  • Status of any legal or administrative order or levy
  • Status of loan obligations to Kearny Bank

We may charge a $36 fee each time the same paper or electronic item is submitted or resubmitted for payment; therefore, you may be assessed more than one fee as a result of the same item being presented for payment more than once against non-sufficient or unavailable funds. If the overdraft remains unpaid after the 5th business day, a $7 fee will be charged each business day.

The amount of any overdrafts, including our fees, are due and payable immediately. We retain full discretion to refuse to pay any overdraft for any reason. Our Courtesy Pay policy is to pay items according to dollar amount, starting with the smallest (low to high). Overdrafts will be paid for the following types of transactions:

  • Inclearing checks
  • ACH or recurring transactions made using your checking account number, like health club dues, insurance premiums, etc.

Courtesy Pay may be extended to include ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions, also known as the Regulation E option. Please opt-in for the Regulation E option to be activated by contacting us at 800-273-3406.

Clients may opt-out of this discretionary overdraft payment program at any time by contacting us at 800-273-3406.


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