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Our Wallington branch has relocated to 259 Paterson Avenue, Wallington, NJ 07057.



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Treasury Management

Manage cash flow end-to-end, from payables all the way to receivables.

Manage cash flow end-to-end, from payables all the way to receivables.

Maximizing your working capital requires tools that allow you to take control of when and how money flows in and out of your business. Kearny Bank provides everything your business needs to quickly access important financial data, automate routine processes, protect against fraud, and accelerate payables.

Our suite of online and mobile Treasury Management tools empowers you to optimize your cash positions and operate your business more efficiently.

Kearny Insured Liquidity Sweep

Streamline your business banking by working with a single source.

  • Now, a single banking relationship is all it takes to protect your short-term cash holdings. Link your government accounts together across participating financial institutions, with full FDIC Insurance coverage up to $30 million in deposits.
  • Kearny Bank manages and maintains the daily minimum, transferring any excess funds into an interest-bearing account to maximize your return. The Kearny Insured Liquidity Sweep account also gives your business maximum flexibility with complete access to all your funds via check, wire, EFT, and debit cards.

ACH Manager

Take checks out of the equation, with a better way to pay and be paid.

  • At Kearny Bank, it’s simple to streamline payment processing and manage your ACH payments more efficiently, with our ACH Manager.
  • Now you can originate electronic debits or credits between any account, at any institution, any time of day or night.

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks without ever leaving your desk.

  • Remote Deposit Capture lets you scan checks and make secure deposits electronically to your Kearny Bank account, so you can spend more time on your business instead of on the way to the bank.

Wire Manager

Send large sums swiftly and securely.

  • The Kearny Bank Wire Manager is designed to help you do more business at a distance.
  • Money can be quickly and efficiently wired from your account to anywhere in the United States.

Positive Pay

Safeguard your business against check fraud.

  • Positive Pay protects your accounts against fraudulent checks by matching your issued check file against the items being presented for payment against your account.

Merchant Services

You accept the payments. We’ll take care of the processing.

  • Start accepting Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express, and Discover® in exchange for the goods or services you sell.


Eliminate the errors inherent in handling cash.

  • Kearny Bank's Smart$afe is more than a safe—it’s an efficient, secure and reliable cash management solution.
  • Cash handling becomes fully automated from payment to deposit, taking your employees out of the equation.

ZDeposit and ZRent

Property management simplified with ZDeposit and ZRent.

  • ZDeposit simplifies the opening, funding, management, and disbursement of tenant security deposit accounts in one digital platform. ZRent makes rent collecting hassle-free. Monthly payments are automatically collected and deposited into your Kearny Bank account eliminating checks, in-person deposits or late payments.

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