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FDIC-Insured - Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government


FDIC-Insured - Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government


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Savings & Money Market

No goal is too small or too big, but they are all worth saving for.

No goal is too small or too big, but they are all worth saving for.

Whether you’re looking to save for a rainy day or to set your future self up for financial stability, opening a savings account is a smart first step. With the right account, you can earn interest on your balance, allowing your hard-earned funds to grow over time. Plus, take advantage of features such as fee-free withdrawals and low minimum balance requirements, making it easier than ever to get started. Our financial relationship experts will help you save today and build a better tomorrow.

Statement Savings

Start saving for your future the simple way.

  • Minimum opening deposit of $100
  • Convenient ATM deposits and withdrawals
  • Simplified monthly statement

  • No minimum balance requirement

Kid’s Club

Inspire your kids and the future generation to save with their own interest-bearing account.

  • Help your kids learn to save
  • APY of 0.30%* and a low initial deposit of $10
  • We’ll match their initial deposit of $10, so they can see a return on their savings right away
  • Pays for A’s student program
  • No monthly service fee

Holiday Club

Take the stress out of saving for the holidays.

  • Make regular deposits and receive interest on all balances
  • Open with as little as $5
  • No monthly service fee

Advantage Money Market

The big advantage of a money market account, with a low minimum balance.

  • $25,000 minimum deposit to open account (new money only)

  • Earns higher interest when you maintain a daily balance of at least $25,000

  • Earn interest on all balances

Relationship Building Money Market

Earn interest and watch your savings grow.

  • $15,000 minimum deposit to open an account
  • Earn interest on entire balance
  • Earn higher interest on average daily balances of at least $15,000 and monthly maintenance fees are waived
  • Get an increased rate when combining with a Kearny Bank consumer checking account with direct deposit and when qualifications are met

Special Money Market

Maximize the return on your money. The more you save, the more you earn!

  • $25,000 minimum deposit to open an account
  • Grow your savings with five interest tiers based on your balance
  • Earn interest on all balances

Health Savings Account

Discover a superior approach to handling the expenses of your High Deductible Health Plan.

  • A tax-advantaged account that helps you save for medical expenses while reducing your taxable income as contributions are not subject to federal income tax.

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