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A new digital banking experience is coming! While we're busy getting it ready, Online Banking is available to view balances and transactions only; no other activity is available now. Our new digital banking experience is expected to live on or about Monday, October 9. Please visit your local branch if you need assistance with other transactions before then.


Personal Lending

There’s no place like home and there’s no better place for your home loan.

There’s no place like home and there’s no better place for your home loan.

Homeownership can be one of the best ways to secure your family’s future. At Kearny Bank, our mortgage advisors will help you financially prepare for homeownership and discover which one of our mortgage options is the right fit to help you make that goal a reality.


  • Whether you're financing the home of your dreams or a home away from home, Kearny Bank has a mortgage that offers the terms you need.
  • As mortgage experts, Kearny Bank offers competitive rates on both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), and we have systems in place to speed up your application process.

Home Equity Loans & Lines

  • From education to home improvements, leveraging the equity you’ve built up in your home may be the most economical way to finance major purchases. Kearny Bank offers a variety of Fixed Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit to help you afford some of life’s largest expenses.
  • Borrow up to 80% of the value you’ve built up in your home to pay for big expenses from education to home improvements and more.

Home Loans FAQ

  • All your mortgage and home equity questions answered.
  • When it comes to getting a new home loan, there is a lot of information to digest. At Kearny Bank we want to help you understand your options and get the best rate and loan for you. Read on to find answers to common mortgage and home equity loan questions.

Financial Calculators

  • Use our handy financial calculators to determine what your potential monthly mortgage or home equity payments will be before you visit a branch to speak with a specialist.

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