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Positive Pay

Safeguard your business against check fraud.

Safeguard your business against check fraud.

Positive Pay safeguards your business accounts against fraudulent checks by matching your issued check file to the items being presented for payment to your account.

Kearny Bank then records any suspicious items that do not match, such as counterfeit or altered checks, and reports the exceptions via our online banking services so you can quickly decide whether to pay or return the items.

Tailor our services to the needs of your business, with features such as:

  • Payee Match Services: As an added layer of protection, along with the date, check number and amount, payee information can be compared for further verification
  • ACH Filters: ACH transactions can be blocked altogether or subjected to a predefined set of rules to determine which items should be paid and which should be included in the daily exception report
  • Transaction Reports: Enable you to quickly review pertinent transaction data
  • Teller Verification: Checks are also automatically compared to your issued check file when presented for payment at any Kearny Bank branch

Fraud prevention is a serious matter, and as a client of Kearny Bank we are here to help you implement strong, proactive strategies to prevent losses and reduce your exposure to fraud.

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