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Say goodbye to property management headaches

Say goodbye to property management headaches

You will enjoy hassle-free monthly payments with automatic rent collection and deposit directly into your Kearny Bank account. zRent's robust features include descriptive ACH transactions, detailed reporting, and future payment forecasting. Simplify your property management with ZRent and improve your workflow today.

Make rent collection hassle-free with ZRent

Don't waste time chasing tenants and waiting for rent payments. ZRent is a rent collection website that makes the process hassle-free. Once activated, your tenants will also enjoy this added convenience at no cost to them. With unique features like descriptive ACH transactions, robust reporting, and future payment forecasting, this tool streamlines and simplifies the entire process.

This innovative digital platform assures that monthly rent and condo fees are automatically collected and deposited into your Kearny Bank account.

It eliminates:

  • Bounced checks
  • Time-consuming trips to the bank
  • Late payments

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