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FDIC-Insured - Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government


FDIC-Insured - Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government


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How We Protect You

Providing Secure Solutions
Our online and mobile banking solutions are designed to balance security with convenience. Our features also empower our clients to control and protect their accounts across products and services.
For example 

Controlling and Protecting Accounts: Our SecureAlerts service enables clients to receive real-time alerts, across any device, for checking, savings, retirement and lending products. Features include: 

  • Reviewing and closing alerts from your account home page.
  • Selecting the methods to receive alerts including email, text or push notification. 
  • Receiving alerts when a loan payment is due, past due or has been paid. 
  • Receiving alerts when large transfers are made into or out of your accounts. 
  • Receiving alerts when deposits, checks or withdraws are posted to your accounts.  
  • Receiving alerts when passwords are changed or when accounts are locked. 
  • Receiving alerts when account balances are below thresholds 
  • Receiving alerts when large ATM transactions occur or by the number of ATM transfers per day.  

Log on to Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app to set up your free real-time SecureAlerts.

Controlling and Protecting Your Debit Card: Our SmartCard mobile app enables clients to control and protect their debit cardsFeatures include: 

  • Turning debit cards on and off if lost or stolen 
  • Establishing transaction dollar amount limitsmerchant categories, and geographic locations. 
  • Receiving alerts when your debit card is used or when transactions exceed predefined limits. 
  • Receiving alerts related to potential fraud on attempted and declined transactions.

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Multifactor Authentication: For added security we offer multifactor authentication for business clients. This further secures online and mobile accounts by prompting clients for another form of verification, such as a onetime numeric security code, prior to completing wires and ACH transactions. Enabling multifactor authentication is one of the most effective methods to protect your accounts. 

Monitoring Accounts and Transactions
Monitoring clients’ accounts and transactions complement our secure solutions and alerting capabilities. We monitor transactions to detect abnormal or suspicious events such as clients accessing from different countries. As needed, actions are taken to protect the account. For example, disabling an online account access until clients confirm recent activity.

Detecting Fake Websites, Apps and More
Criminals can easily create fake websites, mobile apps, social media profiles and email accounts. To protect the bank and our clients we monitor the web to detect these impersonations. Once identified, we work with partners to take down the impersonations.

Securing Communications
Clients often exchange sensitive information with our bank. To make the exchange secure and convenient we use a secure website. Once registered, you can securely attach many files in different formats and receive alerts when files are added or downloaded by the bank.

Training Employees
Each employee protects our bank and our clients. With this in mind, every employee completes security and fraud training annually. Topics include email phishing, ransomware, passwords, secure document disposal, suspicious phone calls and many more. To reinforce important training concepts we conduct various assessments including monthly email phishing assessments, network penetration tests and ongoing security audits. Employees are also alerted to new cyber threats and the measures they can take to combat these threats. Educating Our Clients and

Cyber criminals target companies of all sizes, government agencies and municipalities as well as families and friends. To help protect our clients and communities we host cybersecurity and fraud seminars. During these meetings we share experiences, discuss trends and exchange recommendations to combat cyber threats.

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