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FDIC-Insured - Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government


FDIC-Insured - Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government


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Educational Institution Solutions

Specialized partnerships with primary and high schools, colleges, and universities.

Specialized partnerships with primary and high schools, colleges, and universities.

About Kearny Bank Educational Institution Solutions

Educators spend their days exploring and enriching what is possible in education, to build the best schools that empower teachers and students to thrive beyond their expectations. They influence the positive characteristics and attributes which will shape the leaders of tomorrow. But too frequently they do not have a true partner to provide the leadership and guidance they also need in order to allow their institutions to thrive.

That is why we built Kearny Bank's Educational Institution Solutions team. We strive toward high standards and provide schools with professional expertise that is focused on their vision and desired academic achievements. Our services will assist in meeting the goals and required obligations of the school.

We specialize in delivering solutions that educational institutions need, joined with rapid and local decision-making. With Kearny Bank's support, we want educators to focus on the mission, not the business; leave the Educational Institution Solutions to us.

Some of the ways we help clients in the Education space include:

  • Extended FDIC Insurance Coverage
  • Treasury Management & Merchant Services
  • Cashflow Management
  • Business Banking
  • Secure vault solution with remote deposits and immediate cash availability
  • Kearny @ Work: Banking benefits for faculty and staff

Meet our Education Relationship Officer

Frances Montagnino is a Vice President, Education Relationship Officer at Kearny Bank. In this role, she’s responsible for establishing and fostering client relationships with educational institutions.  Montagnino has spent more than two decades in the financial services sector, beginning her career as a financial broker and then expanded into retail banking. She also has experience in commercial lending. Frances has the background to provide clients with expert counsel that can lead to enhanced financial success.

A Cum Laude graduate of Kaplan University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Montagnino has taken a wide range of professional training and leadership courses, including recently completing Harvard Business School “Leading in the Digital Era” Executive Education course.

Along with membership in the Fort Lee Chamber of Commerce and New Jersey’s Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she also provides volunteer support to a range of charitable and educational organizations.

Frances would love to have a conversation to better understand how we can partner with your school to overcome any challenges you are facing.  Fill out the form below to get in touch!

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