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Kearny Bank ChangeMakers

Empowering women in business to grow & succeed

Empowering women in business to grow & succeed

About Women In Business Program

To our core, we are built on the principles of people, performance, and relationships. As a financial institution, we were established to help our local friends and neighbors succeed. As we grow, we still maintain the essence of a true community bank. Our Women in Business program is no different. It’s a program built on the principles of supporting local women in business succeed while expanding our community outreach to helping others. As the network expands, so does its reach, impacting one of the fastest growing segments in our economy, a growing segment with less access to social and financial capital.

Women in Business Ambassadors Certification

We began our journey to provide relevant support and resources to women-owned businesses in our local communities, understanding that this growing segment has additional obstacles to overcome. As we journeyed through research around female entrepreneurs and professionals, we realized how much deeper the gender gap lies. We partnered with Rutgers University to collaborate on a specific curriculum that would educate us further on gender socialization and science-based differences and give a better understanding of some of the dynamics behind women’s progress in business. The program consists of 1.5 hours of virtual gender and leadership training and a 3 hour in person course bringing our ambassadors together in one room to interact and engage in dialogue through the process. The certification process is completely voluntary, and our ambassadors truly recognize the importance of the program and believe in the mission of creating networking opportunities and providing educational content to help Women in Business grow and succeed.

Meet Our Instructor

Lacey Alexander is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Leadership Development Facilitator and Curriculum Designer. She focuses on partnering with her clients through a process of discovery to determine their current and desired state and then challenges her clients to achieve their goals.

Lacey is passionate about personal and professional development and leverages her experience to design curriculum and facilitate courses focused on leadership, organizational growth and resilience. She blends her leadership acumen with her background in adult education and development to guide her clients to boldly define what success looks like for them, make courageous choices, and live in their purpose.

“I believe when we empower women we are breaking down deeply ingrained barriers to give them the freedom to be their best selves. Women are change makers, and with the right support they make the world a better place.”

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