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Veterinary Practice Solutions

Partnering with veterinary professionals to drive practice growth and success.

Partnering with veterinary professionals to drive practice growth and success.

About Kearny Bank Veterinary Practice Solutions

We believe that veterinarians and their practice staffs who take care of our pets, service animals, and working animals deserve to realize the full potential of their practices. Today's business challenges make that harder than ever before. Solving those challenges can be a big distraction from the reason that vets trained for so long in the first place - to provide great animal care.

That is why we have a dedicated team focusing on veterinary practices. We are here to be the expert partner supporting our community veterinarians and their practices.  We specialize in delivering the guidance and solutions vet practices need along with rapid, local decision-making.  This way they don't have to sweat the administrative aspects of running the business - and instead can focus on delivering care and love, and realizing the fruits of their training and labor.

Some of the ways we help clients in the Veterinary space include:

  • Cashflow Management
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Equipment acquisition and replacement financing
  • Treasury Management & Merchant Services
  • Practice acquisition and mergers
  • Business Banking
  • Malpractice insurance financing

Meet our Healthcare Relationship Officer

Richard Conte is 2nd Vice President / Healthcare Relationship Officer at Kearny Bank, where he specializes in meeting the needs of professionals and practice administrators within the healthcare vertical.  Rich has a proven record of assisting businesses in various industries with lending & treasury management and will be focused on your practices growth & cash flow.

Rich would welcome having a conversation to better understand how we can partner with your practice to overcome any challenges you are facing.  Fill out the form below to get in touch!

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