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5 Reasons Commercial & Industrial Loans Support Growth

February 26, 2024

Commercial loans play an integral role in driving business growth. Here is a deeper dive into five ways these debt instruments can benefit your business:

1. Expanding into New Markets: Business loans can provide the necessary capital to venture into new markets. Whether you are considering a new geographical area or targeting a new customer base, business loans can help you establish a foothold and increase your range to capitalize on fresh opportunities. Expanding your product or service offerings keeps your business on the forefront. Commercial loans may also support research and development or the inventory and materials required to produce new products or services.

2. Acquiring Equipment: New equipment is necessary for efficiency and productivity. Commercial loans allow you to invest in machinery and equipment, technology, or state of the art tools that enhance operations and enable you to grow. For a technical business operating in a technical industry, this is especially important to ensure future success.

3. Launching Marketing Campaigns: An outstanding marketing plan drives business growth, especially in new markets to aid expansion. Whether it is digital advertising, branding initiatives, or product launches, commercial loans provide the funds needed to execute meaningful marketing campaigns.

4. Opening New Locations: If you are planning to expand your physical presence, such as opening an additional retail location, office, or production facility, then commercial loans can provide the financing for the costs related to the acquisition of real estate. Perhaps your existing space needs renovation. If so, commercial building improvement loans offer the financial support for renovation or improvement projects. In short, whether you prefer to lease or buy real estate for your business, the right commercial real estate loan or commercial mortgage is available.

5. Hiring Additional Staff: As your business grows, you will more than likely need to hire additional workers. More human resources might include hourly or full time employees who would aid your growth efforts. Commercial loans can help finance recruitment efforts, making sure that you have the right team to manage an expected increase in demand for your products or services.

If your business is facing any of these opportunities, I would love to speak with you about how Kearny Bank can help your business succeed. Email me today or call at 973.244.4027.

By Robert Melchionne, SVP / Director of C&I Lending

About Robert:

Robert Melchionne

Robert Melchionne is SVP, Director of C&I Lending at Kearny Bank, where he leads a team of commercial and industrial lending professionals. Together, they provide commercial credit facilities to privately held businesses in need of debt capital in order to grow and expand their businesses. In a banking career of over 25 years, Robert has experience in providing commercial credit facilities to borrowers with needs such as short-term and long-term working capital, term debt financing for fixed asset expansion, business acquisition, commercial mortgages for real property, and international trade finance services for import and export companies.

Robert earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration/economics from Montclair State University. He also holds an MBA from Caldwell University.

To learn more about Kearny Bank’s C&I Lending capabilities, contact Robert.

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